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Release From Performance Anxiety

Our anxiety never befalls when we start thinking about our future, but it surely intervenes when we look forward to controlling it. All of us are concerned about the performance anxiety we feel because it really plays a role in blocking our performance. Performance anxiety is mainly caused because of a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. These can even lead to some dire outcomes such as, leaving a job or a school, or even passing up promotions. Defeating this fear of not performing well is not so easy, but we shouldn’t stop giving it a go. All of us have the capability to perform well. The only thing that is required is to believe in ourselves, and to give our best.

Most of us feel abashed to share our freights and anxiety with our spouses, friends, and family, and that’s totally okay. But remember, if you are not enabling someone else in your life to assist you in overcoming your anxiety, then work for yourself. Be mindful, and start striving for your own well being. The foremost thing that you need to do is to unfold the skills that you have been underestimating for a long time. Polish the skills that you think need to be improved. Obviously, it is not enough to substantially reduce your performance anxiety, but the negative perceptions about your skill sets would be diminished and you would be able to figure out a brighter side of yourself. It is not easy to end your performance anxiety completely, but you can always manage and reduce it through your deeds. Learn to accept yourself. Seek learning, and accept your mistakes. Don’t just accept them, but work on them. Seek help from those who are better at those things, and learn from them. Believe in yourself. The day when you will start believing in yourself, everything will be regulated. Shift your focus from yourself to the purpose for which you are doing this. Think about what you are contributing to someone’s business or work by your skills. This approach is more likely to bring contentment and make you feel worthy. Keep preparing yourself for upcoming events, and be sure that you are ready to face them.

Lastly, never try to be perfect. No one can be perfect; you just have to be yourself. Whenever you feel like you are losing the game, keep yourself motivated, and one way to do that is to give our meaningful book “Leap forward” a read to seek motivation. Easiness and blessings on your way!